Intercleft Foundation

InterCleft Foundation

InterCleft is an international medical concept and philosophy. It is a multidisciplinary cooperation and care system for full medical rehabilitation and integration of patients with craniofacial developmental disorders.

Our Foundation

The InterCleft Foundation supports the care of children and patients with facial developmental disorders. This means a multidisciplinary cooperation between medical and several non-medical disciplines to help these children live full lives.

Facial clefts mean a serious challenge for both children and their parents. They face a series of surgeries, often have ear, nose and throat problems, feeding difficulties, and mostly need active speech therapy and orthodontic care from experts in cleft care.

All this often threaten their social intagration and place a heavy financial burden on families.

This is where the InterCleft Foundation helps children with cleft lip and palate to have more possibilities besides the general health care.

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